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Written by: PP on 09/12/2009 18:10:58

Massacre Records seems set on reissuing pretty much the entire Laaz Rockit discography this year, which means I've had the chance to discover the band's progress from their below average hard rock debut to a reasonably influential force in the thrash metal scene. Their fifth album, the 'mega-rare' (according to the blurb) "Nothing's Sacred", even drew comments like "blistering aggression! Thrash metal the way it should be" from former Exodus singer Steve Sousa, and that's one recommendation thrash metal fans shouldn't take lightly.

In comparison to their debut and sophomore albums - both of which I reviewed earlier this year - "Nothing's Sacred" is actually a thrash metal album and not just a thrash influenced hard rock album - it has little resemblance to the band's arena-sized hard rock past. It was originally released back in 1991, giving the band around five years to digest immediate classics "Reign In Blood" and "Master Of Puppets" before writing the record. The growing thunder and influence of the Bay Area / California thrash metal scene can therefore directly be noticed in the way Laaz Rockit sound like on their last studio album before a 17 year hiatus, as the entire record has a distinct Metallica tinge in both the way their vocals are angrily spat out and the level of aggression found in the guitars. There's even the occasional nod to the 'evil' guitar sound of Slayer. And if you ask me, the change is absolutely for the better. Laaz Rockit were never really noteworthy as a hard rock outfit, but as soon as their sound is fueled by pissed-off energy and slicing thrash metal riffs, the band immediately sounds more interesting, and importantly, much more relevant than on their past records

Now that's of course a change I'm taking in with arms wide open (Creed review on it's way soon, sorry), and on some level I'm not all that much against the reissue of this record because of the solid old school thrash metal it offers. Coupled with the fact that it really is a 'rare' record, plus its shoving of unadulterated power of old school thrash metal to the face of recent revivalist bands, it actually makes sense to release this record in 2009. And who knows, maybe the new generation will listen to this and realize that tracing back to the roots of thrash metal isn't all that bad of an idea?


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Release date 27.11.2009
Massacre Records

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