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Written by: TL on 22/12/2009 01:29:52

Sometimes when you get a promo, you just know that you're in for something that will face some serious challenges breaching even the upper half of our grading scale. If the fact that this particular one is called "Oh Yeah Revolution" and is released by a band called The Pleasures doesn't explain to you why I would start this review like that, then scroll down a bit, look at the band's myspace and that should do the trick. The fact that this German (enter prejudice) five piece is a glam rock outfit is no excuse, because we know those can be done with class, but in this case you're almost forced to think "oh my God, this is ridiculous", even before you've heard any music.

However, for you dear readers, I set out to endure this, the band's third LP, with which they are hoping to extend their fame beyond the borders of their home country. From the sound of it, they truly are inspired by glam alright, as seventies names like David Bowie and Sweet immediately come to my mind, as does vivid images from the movie "Velvet Goldmine". There's some added crunch to the guitars and the odd dark bit of support vocal thrown in here to make things sound modern (see especially: "Voyeur"), but honestly, it's astounding how much it sounds like the seventies still. From the guitar sound and style of riffage, through the oldschool synth melodies and over to the band's most significant drawback; its vocals. The singer seems to try hard to copy Bowie's characteristic vocal style, but because he can't control his audible German accent, he ends up sounding half the time, like those German radio/folk singers who tend to appear on them music-shows-for-old-people you might have occasionally zapped by on your TV.

On the flipside, The Pleasures are seeking a fair balance between the epic and the ridiculous on this record, and they have a good ear for dynamics and writing songs that catch on fast enough. Still though, I can't help but to think of modern American bands who sound slightly similar - Kill Hannah and I Am Ghost come to mind - and both of those sound a million times more professional and awesome, even though both are unquestionably guilty.. erhm.. pleasures, at best. You might nod your head and be inclined to sing along to this stuff, but you will be ashamed with yourself the instant you become aware of doing so. Problematic, yes?

So, to sum up quickly and mercilessly, The Pleasures aren't quite as ridiculous, nor as poor as their appearances let on, but still, the retrospective nature of their sound, the silliness of their subject matter and the shortcomings of their vocalists, all make me think that they're going to have a very hard time, both making any noise outside of Germany, and climbing into the good end of our grade scale. Sorry guys, but I just don't see who the hell would ever like this in a "not like it's a joke" kind of way. Or if anyone is even meant to?

Download: Children Of The Revolution
For The Fans Of: "Velvet Goldmine", The Darkness, Steel Panther

Release Date 23.10.2009
Imbue Records

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