Christmas Greeting

Written by: PP on 22/12/2009 21:37:00

Okay, so Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name" became Christmas number one in Britain, and now this. Dutch heavy metallers Roadkill have sent us a "Christmas Greeting" EP, featuring a copy of their latest song (yeah, just one song) which they've recorded for Christmas just to give their fans and followers a sign of life since it's been a while since their last EP "Dark Side". The promo sheet states "Roadkill tries to capture the Christmas spirit in their own original way", and that they've succeeded in. "Christmas Story" is a heavy metal track with balls-to-the-walls riffs influenced by Iron Maiden and other heavy weights, but it also features Christmas bells and tambourines for good measure. If that didn't convince you, then how about these lyrics: "People join in together, these are the days that we share. Feel the magic around you, it is everywhere. Children waiting for Santa [...] and the snow's falling down from the heaven, covering all the world with snow. Friends and family get all together". It's a heavy metal Christmas indeed.


Download: Christmas Story
For the fans of: Iron Maiden with Bruce dressed as Santa and the rest as his helpers
Listen: Myspace

Release date 17.12.2009

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