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Conceived In The Sound Of Ultra-Violet Light

Written by: TL on 24/12/2009 00:38:13

It's taken me a while to get around to the review of "Conceived In The Light Of Ultra-Violet Sounds", which is the debut EP of a band called Human Race's Run. Don't be concerned if you haven't heard about them before as they are in fact quite local and quite new, and the only reason I have this disc in my possession is that I sent some approving nods their way when I caught them live one night at The Rock.

The style of music these four young men play can be described as a dark ambitious incarnation of nu-rave/synth-rock. For those who have heard another Copenhagen electro-rock band called Flashing Of Knives, HRR will be very similar, except they are audibly not as far into their career as FOK. For those who have not heard of them, I'd say think The Klaxxons, Veto and a dash of Placebo in the mix.

So, bass lines drone and drive songs ahead, that rely on mellow, atmospheric melodies provided in layers by keys and subtle guitars, while the singer Andreas Ranch croons slightly nasally on top. It is through his voice that your mind may follow my Placebo reference the easiest, as he could be compared to a younger, less experienced Brian Molko in sound. That's not all though, the dark soundscapes also have a bit of that... call it industrial or call it rave, which drives some of Placebo's more electronic material. Of course, this all resonates with both the Klaxxons' and the Veto reference (that is written below), and the essential thing is really just to understand that while this is rock music, its main characteristic is how it drives by you with more of a steady, thumping, danceable rhythm than your average rock song will.

Is it good then? Well, in moments it is. Especially opener "Lunges" and closer "21-21" have parts that you'll be ready to recognize every time a repeat listen brings them around, and especially the former has a chorus that has potential to encourage some mild excitement in a live crowd. Still though, this is clearly an early release, and it is yet much easier to pick up on the potential HRR have yet to fulfill, than it is to pick out areas where they are already impressive. I mentioned it in my live review, and I'll mention it again, the songs on here may not be that long, but they often come to feel like it, because of the rather floaty moods the band maintains. I don't want to tell this band to become more like Dúné (because that's kind of uncool to a lot of people in Denmark for some reason), but if I was to give some advice, they need to either tighten up their stuff, and maybe learn a thing or too about more dramatic breaks and build-ups from that band, or alternatively just improve skillwise and in creativity (plenty of time for that), so that they may fill out those ambitious spacey periods with something more satisfying. I guess there's a decision in there, whether to be a more accessible dance-rock band or whether to pursue less recognized artistic ambitions. Regardless, "Conceived In The Light Of Ultra-Violet Sounds" is a cool enough listen with some noteworthy moments to spare, but like mentioned before, it shows more unrealized potential than the opposite.

Download: Lunges, 21-21
For The Fans Of: Flashing Of Knives, The Klaxxons, Veto, Placebo

Release Date 16.06.2009

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