Magick Bullet Theory

Magick Bullet Theory

Written by: PP on 24/12/2009 15:53:04

Magick Bullet Theory are a tiny garage rock trio from the city of Annapolis, Maryland, US. So small that not one of their Myspace tracks has more than a hundred plays it seems. I've been toying around with their self-titled debut album for quite a while now, trying to decide what to think of it, without making reasonable headway before the holidays and partying starts, so this time's as good as any to share my current thoughts on the record.

Buzzing, razor-sharp, lo-fi garage rock that's played passionately throughout. That's the album in a nutshell, although it must immediately be said that Magick Bullet Theory are miles behind the heavyweights in the genre. Of the most famous names, The Hives pop into mind occasionally, but most of the time Magick reference the lo-fi sound of The White Stripes ("Ladykiller" in particular) as well as the more aggro material by The Vines. The screamed vocals enjoy a fair bit of distortion, the guitars are groovy and very rock'n'roll, you know the drill. It's not particularly original, but a few cuts like "Aida" do manage to raise an eyebrow with groovylicious riffing or by a memorable chorus.

The problem is though that there aren't enough strong tracks yet to sustain the album throughout it's duration. All of the acoustic slaps could've been avoided, for instance, and a couple of the less-memorable tracks should've been removed from the mix to shorten the album to just 10 tracks or so. But the biggest problem of the record is actually a small detail; EACH track has between five and ten seconds of unexplained silence at the end of the track, you know the sort that you usually get on the final track of the record. It's shouldn't be a big deal, but honestly it breaks the any momentum brought by individual songs almost completely. Remove these, focus more on writing songs like "Midnight Sunlight" and the Wolfmother-esque "Sex Way", and the band could turn out interesting. Perhaps the band should consider the choice of artwork as well, the current piece is almost certain to push people away rather than to intrigue them.


Download: Sex Way, Midnight Sunlight, Aida
For the fans of: The Vines, The White Stripes
Listen: Myspace

Release date 25.08.2009

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