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Okay folks, time for me to get back to the keys for real, and to do so, I will write an overdue review of Weezer's 2009 album "Raditude". I had postponed listening to it when I read slightly mediocre review of it elsewhere, figuring that, releasing it so soon after their 'comeback' "Red" album, the material on offer would be somewhat less ambitious and more loosely thought out, and while I wasn't entirely wrong about that, Weezer still proceeded to present themselves as a genuinely and consistently entertaining band, and I ended up wanting to listen to this quite a few times before writing about it.

Next to "Red" album though, there's no problem seeing why people would look down on this in comparison. The songs on "Red" had more ambition both in idea and execution, at least in the half portion of that album that was good. Here, Weezer seem somewhat more comfortable just writing some straight forward track with some casual experimentation in sound, and then relying on their usual charm to induce memorability. But does that really make this that much less enjoyable? Not if you ask me, I'm happily singing along to the Say Anything-esque "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" as well as the bouncy "Tripping Down The Freeway". Some things are memorable for other things than charm and catchy choruses though. Take "Can't Stop Partying", a pastiche on crunk music, ironically featuring everyone's favourite rapper-who-wants-to-be-a-rocker, Lil' Wayne himself. Can you do anything but love that? Or how about "Love Is The Answer", a song that floats around like some sort of psychedelic Beatles track, and is complimented by Bollywood-ish singing, or maybe a favourite of mine, "Let It All Hang Out", an 80's reminiscent party-starter the riff of which absolutely reeks of Bowling For Soup's fun factor?

All in all, I count six out of eleven tracks on this record, to which I remember the choruses, and eagerly enjoy singing along every time they come around. The remaining five could very well be considered filler I guess, but even so, it's not totally boring filler. Those songs will still be recognizable and enjoyable when they come around, they're just not impact-tracks in the same way, where you want to pick those out and play them for their own sake. To summarize, I think Weezer have put together an entertaining record, which also makes you want to remember the good songs from their past. So while it's not quite as good as "Red" I see no reason to cut it down. It's good clean fun kids, come get some!

Download: (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To, Can't Stop Partying, Let It All Hang Out,
For The Fans Of: Say Anything, Bowling For Soup
Listen: myspace.com/weezer

Release Date 03.11.2009
Geffen Records

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