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Raising Ruins For The Future

Written by: PP on 30/03/2010 00:40:03

"Just because you have the right to say what the fuck you want doesn't mean you absolutely have to criticize and demonise everyone around you" is how Aalborg, Denmark-based Mighty Midgets kick off their fiery, politically charged melodic hardcore / hardcore punk crossover debut album "Raising Ruins For The Future", immediately placing the listener right in the middle of the whole Muhammed/Jyllands Posten crisis of the last couple of years (Article 19 deals with freedom of speech). It offers sharp, opinionated commentary about the issue suited for anyone into intellectual melodic hardcore bands like Propagandhi and Strike Anywhere, although Mighty Midgets are quite a bit more direct, in-your-face and heavier than those two acts.

While still containing plenty of melody and shout-a-longs, Mighty Midgets storm through their debut without the slightest intention of slowing down, hammering hard-hitting riffs and screamed lyrics in your face like there's no end. So don't expect a breather or too many mass sing alongs if you'll see these guys live, because I believe their shows will be speed-dominated, full of aggression, tight guitars and the all the nice stuff you'll hear about in this review and on the record itself. The guitars occasionally borrow a little too much from NOFX ("Our Perfect Lines" has an identical riff to a NOFX song I just can't get to my head right now), but not enough to make it sound like a problem by any means, especially because MM constantly introduce technical elements into the mix, drawing parallels to a band like A Wilhelm Scream, all the while pounding away with the intensity of local Copenhagen melodic hardcore kids Stars Burn Stripes.

But where Mighty Midgets are at their best is when they focus on playing as fiercely as they can, and including just a teeny weeny bit melody enough to lure the listener into the songs. Good examples are "Plea For Peace", "Too Punk To Funk (Part Deux)" and "The Final Anthropogenic Extinction Event", which should all score high points from the style referees of melodic hardcore. So although "Raising Ruins For The Future" may follow the melodic hardcore textbook chapter by chapter, it at least demonstrates that even in a country where the genre is pretty much non-existent, it's possible to come up with a solid album that should draw fans of the genre to their live shows and open up a few more lucrative support slots in due time.


Download: Thoughts On Article 19, Fuck The System Etc, Plea For Peace
For the fans of: Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Stars Burn Stripes, Hear The Sirens
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Release date 26.03.2010
5FeetUnder Records / Shattered Thought Records / Deadlamb Records

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