The Lions Rampant

It's Fun To Do Bad Things

Written by: DR on 29/04/2010 19:11:58

The Lions Rampant are a three-piece who are all about "letting your freak flag fly at half-mast". Fuck "The Man" and his machine. These don't want any part of it. They want to remain "youthful" and "carefree". As you could probably tell from that album title, they're just after a good time. They also cite influences from the likes of The Clash and The Kinks. Clearly, The Lions Rampant are all about rock and roll, or at least how they perceive it.

Call me a cynic, but is not-so-subtley copying other bands, and preaching ideals that others, decades earlier, have already preached really all that rock and roll? At that point, it'd be very easy just to write off TLR as irrelevant and living off the past. That is, until you see one of their promo pics: they're drinking beer and playing cards... whilst wearing ladies lingerie. It then becomes clear that this is all done with a tongue in cheek, and you start to lighten up a bit and accept them for what they are.

If you like blues infused rock and roll with lyrics that have as much substance as lyrics about substance abuse, girls and partying can have, then you'll lap this up. Why? Well, because it's simple, complete with the "we recorded this in our garage as we sank a few beers" feel, yet still pretty darn catchy. "Give Me" is the album opener and one of the most memorable tracks (probably because it's the album opener) with a chorus of "Give me some one, give me some one to love". Sure, the lyrics aren't as deep as [insert touching 60s songwriter here], but that isn't what this album is about. If you do want to know what it is all about, then listen to second track and lead single "Lights On", for it is a song about breaking up with your girlfriend... but then fucking her one last time (we've all been there, ey lads!). As the riffs bounce along song titles such "All Night RNR"; "Cocaine Anne"; "Cigs & Gin", do I really need to explain further?

What holds this album back, however, is the stunning lack of variety between all thirteen tracks. They all have the same organ in the background, with similar chord progressions, whilst vocalist Stuart Mackenzie over-saturates your ears with repeated chorus after repeated chorus, Heaven forbid he should write a third verse. This means that for someone who likes a dash of genuine sincerity with their music, they should probably play "It's Fun To Do Bad Things" once, submitting to the charm of The Lions Rampant even now and then, before deciding it's too shallow for their liking. If you don't mind unoriginal concepts and shallow themes, or happen to like wearing sunglasses indoors whilst sporting your favourite beer-stained denim jacket, this is probably for you.


Download: Give Me, Lights On, I'm A Riot
For The Fans of: garage brewed rock & roll, The Black Keys, The Greenhornes
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Release Date 06.04.2010
Deep Elm Records

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