As God Kills

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Italian thrash/ death metallers Node describe 19th of May, the release date of their new album "As God Kills", as "The day God and Satan finally meet". These "666% pure Italian motherf***ers" have been around, doing music since 1994 but to be honest I got the chance to listen to them at the first time just after the release of their third album, "Das Kapital", the album that made me look forward to the new one. And finally, Node returned with "As God Kills". And if you wonder, my first reaction to the album was 'Is this really Node?'

Produced by Pelle Saether who also worked with them on their previous effort "Das Kapital" and mastered by Goran Finnberg at The Mastering Room, "As God Kills" is also the band's first album via their new label, Massacre Records. Their style can be described as a mix between death metal and grindcore enriched by technical arrangements. "Das Kapital" was a concept album about the xxth century with political lyrics and the band again choose to write about the aspects of politics, society and people but there is no a concept at all. The album starts with a nice intro, an old song that makes you feel like you are relaxing on a beach but then an angry man starts talking while shooting his gun. There is no doubt that "As God Kills" is Node's most aggressive album, it's full speed ahead from start to finish. But there is something definitely not right about the album. One of the very first things that suprised me were the vocals. Daniel Botti's vocals on "Das Kapital" album were so successful that they not only fit all the songs but also completed them. But I can't say the same thing for "As God Kills", there are throaty, clean and angry, truly angry vocals, but he sounds like he is not singing but just shouting most of the time. The songs are very well written but maybe because of the downside of the vocals, maybe because of the production and maybe because of the album's sound, they are getting boring as the end of the album comes closer.

Just as i said; "Das Kapital" is the album that made me look forward to hearing "As God Kills". But unfortunately, "As God Kills" doesn't make me look forward to their next one, but instead, it makes me wish that Node would make an album in the vein of "Das Kapital" some day.

Download: Shotgun Blast Propaganda, As God Kills
For the fans of: Darkane, Arch Enemy
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Release date 19.05.2006
Massacre Records
Provided by Target ApS

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