Ad Discipulum

Written by: EW on 13/05/2010 23:59:09

Another day, another black metal album. Nefarium are an Italian band, slightly unusual for the genre we're talking about, but as would be expected the majority of the influences heard in their third album "Ad Discipulum" come from the colder, more northern climes of Europe where the band's slick, intensive, blasphemous blast is loud and clear in tones similar to Dark Funeral, Valkyrja, 1349, Belphegor, Keep of Kalessin and the rest. With 8 songs all of a mid-length duration and a number of listens from which to talk of, the 35 minutes contained within this record quickly pass by, providing for me reasonable enjoyment however little lasting memory once "Mass Infanticide By The King Of Judea (Herod The Great)" draws out it's final fetid breath.

We do have "Shepherd For Dead Lambs (Johan The Baptist)", which shows edges of Dissection in a great lead riff and "Servus Servorum Satanae (Benedictus XVI)" which looks, smells and sounds like Keep of Kalessin asides from its' unexpectedly excellent inclusion of a violin, two pleasantly good songs themselves but within the whole package there is little to identify Nefarium from the many others peddling out similar material. A quick check of the Metal Archives will surprisingly reveal no others 'Nefarium's but the typical corpsepainted look and acutely concentrated blastbeats and scything riffs are really best going to appeal to strict devotees of black metal only. Through not falling under any of the permutations of BM, Nefarium have set themselves out as a straight-up, anti-Christian band of old, certainly ones better than average on the basis of this record alone and worthy of recommendation to fans of any of those that have been referenced. For myself I would have to be in a very particular mood in order to play this again but for those times when one just needs a clinical record, free of waffle and writhing in religious hatred, "Ad Discipulum" will do quite nicely for that.

Download: Shepherd For Dead Lambs (Johan The Baptist), Servus Servorum Satanae (Benedictus XVI)
For the fans of: Dark Funeral, 1349, Valkyrja
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Release date 07.05.2010
Agonia Records

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