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Vs. Evil Circles

Written by: PP on 18/05/2010 23:27:09

The Dirty White's new eight track album "Vs. Evil Circles" has been lying around in my pile of albums to be reviewed for quite some time now. Not because I haven't listened to it, but because I've been having trouble laying down my thoughts on paper about their quirky brand of noisy rock'n'roll. Their sound is characterized by noise rock bands like Sonic Youth, evident in the eccentric guitar distortion, but also by indie bands like Foals, at least in terms of song structure.

While The Dirty White may not push any electronica sounds to their mix like Foals do, they utilize very similar repeat-line lyrics for choruses, plus their vocalist shares a similar yelping vocal style as Yannis from said band. The songs are mostly guitar-driven - aggressively so - but a few softer cuts like "Dry Bones" fit into the mix as well, where the band sounds more like System And Station than anybody else. Mostly though, the intensity level is chaotic at best, effectively making it sound like the band are crashing off the walls of the studio as they're recording the songs.

"Mighty Prehistoric" and "There Were Helicopters" are probably the two best songs on the album. The first one because it introduces the listener to the no-frills, groovy noise-rock style of the band nicely, and the latter because it contains a nice balance between frenzied insanity and strong chorus melody. It's exactly the kind of stuff that magazines like NME, Rolling Stone and other mainstream media in the UK would wet themselves over, promoting the band as the second coming of Christ until losing complete interest a year or two later. Seeing as that's probably not happening for a band from Florence, South Carolina, they may just have a chance of turning a few heads in small venues across the East Coast.

Download: Mighty Prehistoric, There Were Helicopters
For the fans of: Foals, Sonic Youth, Fucked Up
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Release date 07.01.2010
Viper Bite Records

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