Adventure EP

Written by: PP on 06/07/2010 23:06:09

Stegosaur are a small outfit from Austin, Texas, and they specialize in retrospective / revivalist emo/post-hardcore from times before haircuts and skinny jeans were of any relevance to the genre. Think back to late 90s where there still was a bit of an indie rock flavour to the genre, and the melodies still sounded honest and convincingly emotional.

The three-track EP kicks off with a classic quiet/loud dynamic with quiet power chords and relaxed vocals, before the guitars enter heavy distortion and the vocals explode into melodic shouting. Cheeky organ-sounding keyboard comes onto play during "Blooooooood" giving it an ultra-poppy vibe - a bit too much for my taste to be honest - and elsewhere other small details like triangles (instrument) are added for good measure. It's nothing you wouldn't find on an early Taking Back Sound album or anything similar, and chances are you'll find it done better there than here.


Download: A Headache
For the fans of: Taking Back Sunday (early), Weatherbox, Look Mexico, Everyone Everywhere
Listen: Myspace

Release date 13.10.2009
Seafoam Recordings

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