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What Became Of Me

Written by: PP on 20/06/2006 01:42:18

The Trustkill Records roster is a strange one indeed. It varies from metalcore acts like Bullet For My Valentine to the hardcore acts like Most Precious Blood to the metal acts like Walls Of Jericho...And Roses Are Red, the infectiously catchy emo/pop punk hybrid from Rochester, New York, who have just recently released their sophomore full length album "What Became Of Me", which has been hailed as the most anticipated album of 2006 by the likes of Alternative Press and So does it live up to the great expectations? Not quite.

Everything about "What Became Of Me" shouts 'Cliché' out loud. The riffs aren't particularly complex, and the lyrics revolve around the same issues of breaking up with girls, missing them, falling in love among others. Now this wouldn't be so bad if the messages were delivered in the same ultra-catchy, soothing manner as in the album opener "These Days", but it's the slow near-acoustic songs like "Show Your Eyes" that break the flow of the album, and frankly, shouldn't be on the album in the first place. Fortunately, the album has plenty of ups where there are downs, and "Bring Me Down" is yet another example of how the band excels at the semi-fast, odd-pitched vocal and instrumental delivery rather than the attempted epicness on tracks like "Running Out Of Time".

But considering the above, the good tracks still outweigh the bad tracks, though the difference is miniscule. Roses Are Red are a couple of years late with this album - the trend for the emo-meets-pop punk albums is settling down with the unoriginality and staleness of most of the genre, and the media moving onto new trends like Metalcore at the moment. Nevertheless, "What Became Of Me" is an average album at the most.

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Release date 13.06.2006

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