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Expect The Worst

Written by: PP on 15/07/2010 18:14:12

No-frills, high-octane pop punk has been raising its head in the last couple of hears, spearheaded by the likes of Teenage Bottlerocket, The Hextalls, and of course, the band in question, The Dopamines. There's no bullshit to be found on "Expect The Worst", just consistent energy levels and pace, melodic guitars, sing-alongable chorus, and lots and lots of fun, as evident in lyrics like "Everybody’s got a masters degree / in telecommunicationary tactic / with a minor in therapy / a mix when injected produces an asshole". Whoa-whoas are all over the place, and in general "Expect The Worst" is a candidate for the ultimate feel-good record of 2010. It's one of those records where the word commercialism feels completely alien, as opposed to words like passionate, genuine, unserious, and honest, which are all needed in connection with anything The Dopamines. The band's own description of themselves says a lot: "We're a punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. We don't have cool hair cuts."

Not much more needs to be said about "Expect The Worst". It's a solid, fun record that's the result of an attitude akin to "lets start a band, get drunk, and play fast pop punk songs for the love of the genre". As a result, the record has what I like to refer to as the energy. It's one of those you can't achieve unless everyone in the band is accurately on the same wave length, wants to have fun, and write some music in the process. You've felt it before on a Teenage Bottlerocket record, on the latest Banner Pilot outing, probably on an album by The Menzingers, and of course, on an album by the beer-loving hockey maniacs The Hextalls. Get this if you like pop punk, you might just discover your new favorite band.


Download: Public Domain, Cincinnati Harmony
For the fans of: Teenage Bottlerocket, The Hextalls, Teenage Gluesniffers, Banner Pilot
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Release date 29.06.2010
Paper + Plastick

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