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Written by: TL on 20/07/2010 22:33:46

Whoops! Did I just call the album I reviewed prior to this one 'the record I've reviewed lately which I'm most likely to return to' ?? Make that 'second-most likely' because the first prize goes to Les Sages and their new album "Share This". Of course, it was hardly ever a fair contest, what with Les Sages complimenting their sympathetic album title with a four-man lineup of people who all sing on the record, and citing bands like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Death Cab For Cutie and other favorites of mine as their influences.

Does that sound like something that would go down a treat with this reviewer? Why yes indeed! One problem though - With the exception of DCFC, Les Sages don't sound that much like any of those other bands. In fact they hardly sound like any bands, maybe except for Death Cab, the little known solo project The Ghost And The Grace and As Cities Burn (@ "Hell Or High Water"). The four Larson brothers who make up the lineup of this family/band produce layered soundscapes with both guitars and keys providing melodies, but both instruments take supporting roles behind the vocal work, to which all the brother's contribute. As you might expect then, there are boatloads of harmonies to take in on here, but since the brother's all sound really similar, it is often hard to tell who is singing. Little does it matter though, because you might just as well keep busy enjoying the lyrics they're singing, as these are all quite interesting.

The best way to predict if you'll like this band is to imagine singers like Aaron Gillespie (ex-UnderOATH, The Almost) and Matt Thiessen (Relient K - think "Forget And Not Slow Down") wrapping vocal performances around each other, while the backing music is a subtle but atmospheric collaboration between Death Cab, As Cities Burn and PlayRadioPlay! (who are now known as Analog Rebellion). If such a phantasm appears appealing to you, then you are all set to start enjoying the parade of memorable songs offered on "Share This", all of which seem to grow on you more and more with each and every listen. If you are impatient, then you may start with "The Soldier's Mark", "Red Lights" and the beautiful "Action", which are all particularly awesome, even from the word go.

Overall, Les Sages have created an album with a sound similar to few others, and managed to fill it with memorable words and tunes in the process. Impressive, truly, but there's certainly still room for a bit of improvement. If the instruments for instance were to step out more from their supportive roles here and there (like on "Driver Of The Hearse"), and if maybe each brother could develop his own personal expression better when it comes to the singing (so that you could maybe start telling the voices apart) then those would already be two good steps towards making a really promising band into a truly special one. One thing is for sure, and that is that Les Sages can take their time developing such improvements, seeing how "Share This" is likely to keep their potential fans occupied for quite a while.


Download: The Soldier's Mark, Friends, Red Lights, Action
For The Fans Of: As Cities Burn, Death Cab For Cutie, The Ghost And The Grace
Listen: myspace.com/lessages

Release Date 03.05.2010
Deep Elm Records

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