I See You Have Options EP

Written by: TL on 24/07/2010 22:05:42

Okay guys, one more before I call it a night. I'll make it a short one, covering this time "I See You Have Options EP", the first ever release from Jesserit. The band is a four-piece who live, write and record together in a farm in southern England and who claim to have influences ranging 'from Enter Shikari and Rage Against The Machine, to Queen and System Of A Down'. Their myspace adds Rihanna, Girls Aloud, The Police, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to the list - quite a mouthful, so what does it sound like?

Well, basically, like nothing you've heard before. It's not that it's particularly weird or in any way out there, the intelligent interplay between keys and guitar, topped off with some truly delicious singing (sounds like a less over the top Andrew Strong?) just has the rare quality that it doesn't seem to really mimic anyone else in particular. The production is notably of the 'home-studio' kind, but it doesn't matter, because talent is to be found consistently in the grooves, dynamics and the flat out ability on display. There's both a poppy and smooth side to the sound, as well as an energetic and rockin' one, and they compliment each other nicely.

It's weird that it's so hard to describe, when it sounds so relatively simple, but the truth is that "I See You Have Options EP" simply gives you the three first songs from a totally unknown band, who seem to have intelligent and attention-grabbing songwriting figured out from the word go. The only criticism it's possible to give, is that the sound (ie. the production) betrays the humble current surroundings of this band, and if given more time and resources, there's potential for something out of the ordinary to come from the hands of these guys. Hence, my suggestion is that you get your hands on this (Quote from the band's myspace: "If you like our music please tell your friends to do the same, then hack the songs off our profile and post torrents.") and start enjoying it, simply because doing so is easy and rewarding. Maybe when you've done so, you can help buzz these guys, so they can get the attention these songs suggest they deserve!


Download: Like I See You, Options
For The Fans Of: Original, alternative rock in its first promising stages

Release Date 01.03.2010

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