A Writer´s Reference

Written by: KS on 22/04/2005 15:35:15

Since I didn't already know Halifax, I was quite excited about how they would sound. I remember I heard the name a few years ago, but I didn't get to listen to anything. That time is over now. Halifax has captured me with their new EP "A Writer's Reference", featuring their great emocore songs. Unfortunately they have included 2 "acoustic" songs. I've never been a fan but perhaps others are. "Scarlett Letter Part 2" and an acoustic version of "Sydney", the first song on the EP, just spoil everything in my opinion. The first 5 songs are great, and make for a great EP, with their crunching guitars and the characteristic singing. I'm thinking that I have to get my hands on their back catalogue as well.


Download: I Hate Your Eyes

For the fans of: Anberlin, Hawthorne Heights

Release date 18.04.2005
Drive-Thru / No Milk Records

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