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Written by: PP on 07/07/2006 04:05:54

Cattle Decapitation. I couldn't think of a more describing name for this band. The band has in no time risen to one of the most important grind/extreme metal outfits of the new decade not only because of their vegetarian promoting, gross lyrics informing people of animal mistreatment, but because of their ability to combine senseless noise with odd bits of melody that sound completely out of the place in the midst of the pure chaos surrounding most of their pieces.

Or is it truly chaotic or just the work of a genius too difficult for most to understand? Over time, the second option starts to seem more and more likely, when the unpredictable one-scale guitar solos hit in at light-speed at the oddest timings while the poor blast beat drums are being severely tortured, all surrounded by Travis' rattling, bestial vocal work that shifts from merciless growling to relieving shrieking to the monstrous 'I don't even know what to call that horrible sound'-style.

Most songs advance at the speed of Hurricane Katrina: chaos and destruction is imminent upon your ears as soon as you place "Karma.Bloody.Karma" into your CD player. And after 20 minutes of material that can be compared to slowly mutilating your farm animals into pieces, the band surprises with a short intro to the 7-minute highlight track "Alone At The Landfill" that immediately catches your attention and makes yourself ask 'is that melo-death style melodic guitars I hear?' before it all again collapses down to the mish-mash of instrumental carnage and Travis' gnarling vocals.

But somewhere deep down below the surface hides order and structure, and once found, everything starts to make sense. You start to follow the thought process behind the band when they were putting these grindcore masterpieces together. Expect the album to lack as much structure on the surface as this review, but dig down deeper. And it's one of those 'hide below your bed while listening' ones again.

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For the fans of: The Berzerker, Cephalic Carnage, Pig Destroyer
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Release date 03.07.2006
Metal Blade
Provided by Target ApS

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