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Written by: PP on 03/09/2010 01:49:29

Odense, Denmark based The New Low used to be called Foot To Face. I happened to catch those guys live by accident once, and all I remember from that show was stereotypical monotone hardcore that nearly put me to sleep during the show. They seem to have improved a whole lot since then, at least if we're to judge by their debut album "Fall Empire". Stylistically, the band doesn't sway too far off from the ear-bruising, in-your-face hardcore of their former band. The roots of their sound are distinctly in heavy metal, with punishing rhythm section mostly offered to the listener at breakneck speeds.

Close parallels and comparisons should be drawn to fellow Danish metallers As We Fight and Pilgrimz, who share a whole lot in common with The New Low's sound. The songs are high on intensity and pseudo-brutality, thanks to a hollow, played-live production typical to the old CB Studios sound that leaves much to be desired for. Curiously enough, the man behind the knobs is the well known ex-Hatesphere frontman Jacob Bredahl, yet the resulting production is almost identical to that by As We Fight and Danish metal in general. The goal seems to have been to create a sound as heavy as possible, even if it means using artificial methods in doing so, and sacrificing a great deal of melody in the progress, all in the name of br00talness (or whatever). It's a shame that no more breathing room is allowed for the songs, because as soon as the band adds an element of melody to the songs, such as on "Decimate" and "The Dear Are Coming", their sound is much more enjoyable, even great in places. These two songs provide a nice break and a tangible memory marker for the listener.

The final song on the record, "Never Ending Tragedy", is the best song on the record for very similar reasons. Vocalist Christian still stays at the same piercing scream pitch as throughout the whole record, but the slower tempo allows for the instruments to make much more of an effect on the listener. The added melody gives an almost anthemic feeling to the song. More of these in the future, please, as the band are very clearly at their best during such moments. That said, the high-octane hardcore found elsewhere on the album is solid and enjoyable as well.

Overall, I'd say The New Low have forged a heavy, brutal hardcore sound that sits a couple of tiers above the Fredericia bands precisely because they have that small, but significant layer of melody occasionally giving the listener his money's worth. And given the energy on the album, these songs will probably be a blast in a live environment. Thumbs up from here, a massive improvement on Foot To Face material.


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Release date 15.08.2010
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