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Never ones to follow convention, NOFX continue to sail the punk rock high seas alone with their newest release, the peculiarly titled "The Longest EP". It isn't really an EP as much as it is a compilation album, because it spans 30 tracks of rare NOFX material that has previously only appeared on a number of EPs: "The Longest Line", "Fuck The Kids", "Bottles To The Ground", "Regaining Unconsciousness", "13 Stitches", "Never Trust A Hippy", "Cokie The Clown", "The P.M.R.C Can Suck On This" EPs are all represented either in full or in part. A die hard NOFX fan should already own a large majority of the tracks, not least because some of the very best NOFX songs are found on their many EPs, but even in that case there'll likely be a couple of tracks here you wouldn't have heard elsewhere.

Since the record covers EPs from all the way back in 1987, you really receive a great cross-cut of the wide number of punk rock styles NOFX is known for. Whether it's the silly joke tracks you like ("War On Errorism Commercial" or "I've Become A Cliché"), those with ripping guitar leads in the vein of "Seeing Double On The Triple Rock", ska-influenced ballads like "Eat The Meek", or even just straight forward skate punk from their later years, "The Longest EP" has it all. A number of all time NOFX classics make an appearance, including "The Longest Line", "S&M Airlines" and "Kill All The White Man", but more importantly, modern fan favorites like "Cokie The Clown" and particularly the hilarious anti right wing ideology track "You're Wrong" have finally been included on a larger release which should allow them to be properly included in future setlists. The quality throughout is frighteningly high, much like on the previous compilation from eight years ago, "45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records".

That wouldn't be a rule though if there weren't any exceptions, and the final five tracks of the EP, the 80s hardcore influenced "The P.M.R.C Can Suck On This" EP songs show a side to NOFX from before their heyday, prior to albums like "Ribbed" and "S&M Airlines" where Fat Mike & co first learned the art of catchy songwriting. That said, with over an hour's worth of music from EPs that are now officially out-of-print forever, "The Longest EP" is fantastic value for any fan of punk rock or even anyone interested in checking out how one of the greatest punk bands on the planet have evolved over the years. Like another review I recently read put it, it manages to be a 'greatest hits' album which doesn't include any full length material. How many bands are able to pull that off?


Download: You're Wrong, The Longest Line, Cokie The Clown, S&M Airlines
For the fans of: Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Descendents, Nicotine
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Release date 17.08.2010
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