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Transylvania 90210

Written by: MS on 22/04/2005 16:00:18

Wednesday 13 is a solo project from the lead singer of Murderdolls. (Yes, that is his name). The album "Transylvania 90210", with the bi-title "Songs Of Death, Dying And The Dead" is very similar to Murderdolls, with horror related themed songs. The style is hard to describe, but it's in the nu-metal shelf, with a touch of power-metal and some punk rock elements. You have to look at this humorously to be able to enjoy it, as it is very cheesy. Even when you see the album title, you think: "this guy can't be serious!", and with song titles like "Look At What The Bats Dragged In" and "Elect Death For President", and the way these guys dress up, you just know it. The music itself is not that bad, just typical nu-metal. Nothing new under the sun here, most of it actually sounds exactly like Murderdolls. The lyrics are as cheesy as the song titles, with lines like: "I'm pissing into the wind, I got a face full of it, lick my lips and do it again". Besides that, most of the songs sound too alike, with Wednesday 13's raspy voice screaming out his lyrics to simple powerchord riffs. Every now and then there's a very simple solo, short but fitting. All in all pretty average.


Download: I Walked With A Zombie, Rot For Me

For the fans of: Murderdolls, The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13

Release Date 13.4.2005 (Wednesday)

Roadrunner Records

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