The Road Less Travelled

Written by: PP on 13/09/2010 21:43:15

Triosphere are yet another power metal / heavy metal hybrid that references all the greats in the two genres, but forget one essential element from their sound altogether: originality. Indeed, "The Road Less Travelled" is a textbook melodic power metal album that ticks off all of the following stereotypes: colossal, echoing sound that some could argue sounds majestic and godlike, a vocalist with big clean vocals straight from heavy metal 101, and technically proficient axemen that have no trouble engaging in difficult solos and otherwise epic riffing throughout.

But get this, the vocalist is actually a female, and she's actually much better than most of her male counterparts, just like her colleague Doro Pesch. And despite a very traditionally German power metal sound, Triosphere originate from Norway. It's through her help that Triosphere have me convinced on a number of tracks, through a clever and sublime usage of high-end vocal harmonies in the already gigantic soundscape. I suppose I should add almost to that sentence, because despite proficient composition all around and a few solid cuts here and there, the fact of the matter is that Triosphere are still very, very, very stereotypically power metal. There are more bands like them than I dare to count, so even though Triosphere are about ½ to full grade better than the genre average, it's not much help when they drown in the oversaturation of this genre to the point that they're just another blip on the map of power metal. Someone needs to make the call and sign fewer bands to resuscitate the genre's potential.

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For the fans of: Athorn, Orden Ogan, Pathfinder, InnerWish, Shadowside
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Release date 28.05.2010
AFM Records

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