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Nothing's Gonna Hold Us Down

Written by: PP on 23/09/2010 20:58:19

As much as I'd like to see musical cancer like Danger Radio go away and disappear completely, it's just not going to happen especially after they were picked up by Doghouse Records, a label that previously brought to fame bands like The All-American Rejects, Meg & Dia, and Say Anything among others. Their specialty is in annoying the living shit out of me with a sound that's halfway between Justin Timberlake's sexy/awful R'n'B (depending on your point of view) and Minus The Bear's funky experimental pop, though it must be said Danger Radio aren't particularly boundary-breaking in their approach to pop music. Bring in the latest debacle by The Higher as well, and you're pretty close to the sound of Danger Radio in 2010.

Their new EP "Nothing's Gonna Hold Us Down" is about as mainstream as pop rock gets. Every element trendy in current musical climate is used, starting from funky keyboards, effect-laden soundscape and slick production, ending in predictably poppy, chorus-oriented songwriting and sex as the main selling point to the music. The songs are bloated with smooth R'n'B sections and the odd guitar chord here and there to barely hold the band within even the poppiest of subgenres within rock. "Memories", for instance, has a high pitch keyboard lead melody that oozes of sex and a seductive drum-beat designed for those intimate, flirtatious dance floor activities in any club past midnight.

The seven tracks on the record more or less follow the above formula, variating only in terms of how funky the beat is. There are no catchy hooks here to come after, and this is part of the reason why I think Danger Radio sure don't make it easy to like them. That is, unless you read 'artists' like Justin Bieber among your favorites, so I'm sure you understand why I despise this stuff. Still, somewhere at the back of my head I have to admit that a few of the songs are decent. Nothing I'd ever personally put on, but the more mainstream oriented of our readers, especially those who also like bands like Cobra Starship, could very well find this EP acceptable and beyond. There's extreme personal bias to be found here, so I've inflated the grade slightly as a result, because I can definitely see how other people may find this pretty good, actually. In any case, it beats pure crap like BrokenCYDE, Millionaires, Blood On The Dancefloor and the rest of the crunk scene by several light years, so rather Danger Radio succeeding than any of those.

Download: Memories, Build It Up
For the fans of: The Higher, Justin Timberlake, Minus The Bear
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Release date 27.07.2010
Doghouse Records

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