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Set Your Goals has been closely followed by fans and critics alike after their sublime debut EP "Reset" in 2005. The energetic, infectiously melodic punk sextet's debut album "Mutiny!" has become a serious challenger as the summer album of 2006 to Hit The Lights' "This Is A Stickup...Don't Make It A Murder". As usual with the fourth wave pop punk acts influenced by the likes of Fall Out Boy, each hook is catchier than the other and the harmonious yet strong vocal should captivate any listener.

Other pop punk bands, however, pale in comparison to Set Your Goals' intelligent lyrical work. "An Old Book Misread" is a perfect example of this with its indirect, although brutally honest criticism of Christians reading the bible literally, even if it does give these people some credit in believing something so logically insane with such great dedication. "Work In Progress" is another example, where the band shines lyrically. Their commentary on how life is not something you can ever finish, that it's always a work in progress is timely in these days of work-life imbalance and stress burnouts. The band doesn't forget to be self-ironic either as evident on "We Do It For The Money, Obviously!": "It's nothing I haven't heard". And indeed, stylistically the band dwells somewhere between New Found Glory, Hit The Lights and Good Riddance without reinventing the wheel, but who gives a damn when it's this good? "Flight Of The Navigator" echoes pure pop punk Godhood with early-New Found Glory style lead hooks and energetic, makes you want to jump up and down-style vocal and drum work.

The diversity of the band can be seen on "This Song Is Definitely Not About A Girl" among others, where the band sounds like a mentally paced Good Riddance meets "Teenage Politics"-era Mxpx with incredible tempo and semi-screamed vocals. The rest of the album continues in the same manner, alternating between infectiously catchy and in your face aggressive, with a few less than 1-minute length songs that integrate the two different styles together perfectly. "Don't Let This Win Over You" is a great example of this with its gang shouts borrowed from the hardcore scene, and before you notice, the final song "Echoes" is already playing its stupendously catchy melodies.

"Mutiny!" is no ordinary pop punk album indeed. It's filled with indirect and direct social commentary mixed with the kind of sillyness one would expect from early Sum 41 material. Whether you're a fan of harder punk or the Fall Out Boy-era almost danceable pop punk, "Mutiny!" will suit your needs, and if nothing else, it'll be the perfect record to pop on in the middle of the summer to get you in the party mood. Like the band themselves likes to describe their sound: The soundtrack to a party.


Download: An Old Book Misread, This Song Is Definitely Not About A Girl
For the fans of: New Found Glory, Hit The Lights, Sum 41, Good Riddance
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Release date 11.07.2006

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