The End Of The Wizard

Written by: PP on 19/07/2006 23:18:44

Napalm Records' WeltenBrand hails from the principality of Liechtenstein. The neo-classical goth metal band has been around for more than 10 years (how they've managed to exist this long is incomprehensible to me), and "The End Of Wizard" is the bands fifth and most ambitious effort to date. Unfortunately, that's where the positive words for the album end, as the end result of several active listening sessions of "The End Of The Wizard" is a strangely attractive thought where you are banging your head against the wall with the question "why?" rotating in your mind.

The songs all depict a church-like atmosphere similar to that of Potentia Animi, and half of them are sung in German. This has never been a good combination to start out with in the international markets, and the last drop to spill the glass is Dina Zambelli's dreamy, choir-like hummings in, among others, the opening track "Bewitched Herds Boys". Ritchie Wenaweser's vocals sound an awful lot like Sinamore's Mikko Heikkilä, although he possesses nowhere near as vast vocal range or majestic pitch as he does.

Still finding it difficult to get your head around how WeltenBrand sounds? Think of a medieval, LOTR-style setting with a female priest standing on high grounds humming and softly singing over a grand valley supported by a slow, soft piano beat and alternating with a deep, uninspiring male voice and you're close. Then you realize that the lyrics revolve around myths and legends of Liechtenstein... maybe that explains why they only have 52 profile views on Myspace. "The End Of The Wizard"? More like The End Of Music as we know it.


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For the fans of: Potentia Animi, Sinamore
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Release date 28.08.2006
Napalm Records
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