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Best of Times

Written by: PP on 12/10/2010 18:31:49

Those into the hardcore scene may have stumbled over the name Final Prayer over the years. It's a German hardcore act that has experienced exponential growth since their inception, thanks to their insanely tight brand of tough-guy hardcore that deserves the label 'mosh-core' by leaps and bounds. Because when these dudes bring their devastating riffs and anthemic hardcore yells to a live venue, broken bones and bleeding noses are the rule and not the exception in the pits. Their early demos, EPs and splits have been highly sought after for a while now alongside their debut album "Right Here Right Now", and with most of them having been out-of-print for ages, it only makes sense to reissue them all together in a compilation album called "Best Of Times".

What you get for the price of a regular CD is twenty songs of fierce, fist-pumping tough guy hardcore. No bullshit is to be found here; straight-forward, no frills-no thrills approach to writing hardcore applies. Much like their obvious inspirations Terror and Hatebreed, Final Prayer's goal has been to write menacingly tight riffs and moshable song structures designed only and completely for the best live experience. But where many other hardcore bands fall into the monotone-trap in similar circumstances, these guys pounce through with true hardcore anthems like "Annihilation" and breakneck speed headbangers like "Empower". One thing's for sure, if you ever shouted along to Terror's infamous "No regrets" lyrics from "Push It Away", there's just no way you wouldn't be doing the same for many of the songs on offer here. That's exactly why Final Prayer have skyrocketed into the elite of European hardcore in such a short period of time.


Download: Annihilation, Empower, Broken Mirror
For the fans of: Terror, Hatebreed
Listen: Myspace

Release date 07.07.2010
Let It Burn Records

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