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Yo yo yo, okay seriously, somebody stop Weezer for just one second! Since Rivers Cuomo and friends put out their 'comeback' "Red Album" in 2008, they've already released not one ("Raditude") but two more full LP's, the latest of which is titled "Hurley" in tribute to the Lost character, and that one I'm putting under scrutiny right here. But that's not even all! "Hurley" is barely out of production, and yet Weezer are already advertising their upcoming b-sides record "Death To False Metal", which is scheduled for an early November release.

So yeah, I don't know what those guys put in their cereal, but they sure have been productive as fuck lately, and if you're just a little bit skeptic, you gotta ask: is there a quantity over quality issue growing here? I think that judging from "Hurley", you could argue that is the case, mainly because the songs on here compared to those of the two prior LPs aren't quite as strong individually. The production and approach seems more samey this time around, with reliance placed on a rough-round-the-edges sound carrying the catchy tunes home. Moreover, though Weezer's lyrics have often been rather dorky and immature, tracks like "Memories" and "Where's My Sex" seem even more simple-minded than what we're used to.

None of that really matters all that much though, because by now, Weezer seem to be able to put together catchy, fun and powerful songs with assembly line efficiency. The distance between the songs that I really like ("Ruling Me", "Trainwrecks", "Hang On") and those I'm not so keen on (the two mentioned above) is so short, I'm sure that there will be no two similar perceptions of which songs are the best from here. Sure it feels like Weezer have been sort of on auto-pilot this time around, but if you like the band already, or maybe just light-hearted and catchy rock in general, there's no reason to like this much less than any of the two records the band put out before this one. In fact, while the songs might be slightly harder to remember apart from one another, none of them group together into lulls like those I've personally found on "Red" and "Raditude".

So yeah, predictably, Weezer will sort out your fun-rock needs for God knows which time, so you can safely go pay them some more dough for this one, because even if you're fed up with them, you know you want Hurley's sweet mug in your album collection.

Download: Ruling Me, Trainwrecks, Hang On
For The Fans Of: Say Anything, Paper The Operator, Motion City Soundtrack
Listen: myspace.com/weezer

Release Date 10.09.2010

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