Keepers Of The Faith

Written by: PP on 19/10/2010 03:27:26

When it comes to Scott Vogel's band Terror, you pretty much know exactly what you're getting on every album much in the same way as with Bad Religion. Ultra-tight, confined, tough-guy hardcore spiced up with piercing thrash metal solos and chants about stereotypical hardcore themes such as family, unity, honesty and all the rage. Stylistically, that is. When it comes to evaluating whether it's good or not, well, that's a completely different story, because these guys walk on such a thin tightrope between hardcore that's intolerably monotone and hardcore that has just enough melody to avoid it from being a chore to listen to. On previous records they have alternated back and forth between the two categories sometimes on an album-by-album basis, but sometimes several times even within the same record!

Their fifth full length "Keepers Of The Faith" sees Terror publicly assume the role we've all known they've had for years now, just like the title suggests. They're keeping faith alive that even within the sort of hardcore that implies melody is for pussies, emos and faggots, solid bands can exist and deliver music that openly fights the notion that all monotone hardcore is as boring as watching paint dry. Through killer leads that are tighter than fellow scribe TL's old jeans and a number of chant-along passages, Terror uphold their high standard of uncompromising hardcore throughout the album. Let us not forget that Terror have grown to be one of the biggest influences to bands who swear to this style of hardcore that isn't Hatebreed - tracks like "Keepers Of The Faith" and "Dead Wrong" are the reason why.

So no need to keep you longer, this is a Terror record after all. If you've checked out the band prior to this, you'll already have an opinion, and this album isn't the one that's going to alter it either way. It's simply another solid neck-breaker that fortifies Terror's castle from the countless numbers of other hardcore outfits trying to climb the same walls without success. No-brainer for hardcore fans.


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For the fans of: Hatebreed, Lionheart, Final Prayer
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Release date 30.08.2010
Century Media

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