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Written by: JD on 24/04/2005 23:37:41

When I first heard that Goldfinger were releasing a best of album I was a little taken back. After a little thought I realised Goldfinger have had a career spanning 11 years with 20 releases under their belt. For those of you who don?t know Goldfinger are one of the pioneers of pop punk who like to on occasion dabble with the odd bit of ska. Their music never really inspires you, or stand out, but it does what it does very well. The First thing I was struck by was the track listing. On almost every other best of CD I have ever encountered there have been tracks which I felt should have been included. This, however, is an exception to the rule. All of my favourite Goldfinger songs are included, ranging from their ska-fused roots with ?Here In Your Bedroom? to their more recent darker side such as ?Open Your Eyes? and all their pop punk offerings in between. The only disappointments in this CD is the bonus unreleased tracks ?Vintage Queen? and ?Hopeless? which lack the usual quality would you expect from this band. You get the feeling they threw those songs on there because they had no others. Ignoring those tracks, this really is the best of Goldfinger and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about checking them out as a band. If you already own their albums (or most of them) then I feel it?s not really worth buying this release since it doesn?t really offer enough extra to make it worth while.


Download: Just Like Heaven

For the fans of: Millencolin, Reel Big Fish

Release date 02.05.2005

Mojo Records

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