Bridge To Solace

Where Nightmares And Dreams Unite

Written by: PP on 29/07/2006 22:51:03

A Hungarian metalcore band? Does that even exist? Bridge To Solace are ready to prove that statement wrong with their exceptionally refreshing and variant stance on metalcore, and are set to differentiate themselves from their American genre mates by going back to the basics. Instead of including clean vocals and almost too obvious riffs, the band relies on in-your-face ferocious vocal delivery much like Avenged Sevenfold's debut or Death By Stereo's "Death For Life", and in overly melodic and ultra speedy riffs and chords not much different from Darkest Hour. The band simply takes the best parts of these bands and puts them all together to a superbly produced, crystal-clear sounding mix which still kicks your face in with its heavy as fuck thrash riffs.

"A Culture Of Denial" is a perfect example of the above. The background guitars hammer thrash riffs while the leads are taking you to places you wish you'd seen and heard before. The title track represents the slower end of the song spectrum, although still pushes every right button on a melohardcore lover's heart with its Iron Maiden influenced riffs played ten times harder. It is not uncommon to find yourself humming along to the catchy riffs, but bear in mind we're not talking Bullet For My Valentine or Avenged Sevenfold catchy, this is the harsh kind, low-tuned shit that'll make you feel uneasy for the rest of the day, but for some reason you have to go back to it again and again.

The band isn't afraid to voice some of their politics either: "The Martyr's Path"'s theme should be obvious to anyone and the earlier discussed track "Culture Of Denial" fits into the same society-critical spectrum, but don't expect to be able to understand the lyrics without a proper lyrics sheet in front of you as Zoltan screams harshly throughout the album.

Although "Where Nightmares And Dreams Unite" will most definitely be dissed by many genre haters, its uncompromising, unforgiving melodies will be worshipped by equally many, and for daring to go against the trend by going for a harder and rawer sound than most other bands in the genre, they will be heavily rewarded in my grading. Metalcore lovers should immediately flag this album for purchase.

Download: The Dead And The Unknown, A Culture Of Denial, Sundeath
For the fans of: early Avenged Sevenfold, Death By Stereo, Darkest Hour
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Release date 10.07.2006
GSR Music

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