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One Take

Written by: DR on 21/11/2010 14:08:24

By now most of you probably know who Noah is. No, no, he wasn't that 500 year old who built the arc, he is the 20-something who took a photo of himself everyday for six years. The video became an internet sensation, gaining over 16 million views and even being parodied on The Simpsons no less. The soundtrack to that video is a score composed by his then-girlfriend Carly Comando. Along with the video, her song "Everyday" also blew up; it has been used Amnesty International and the NBA, amongst others, and, of course, it was on The Simpsons - for which she won a Primetime Emmy.

Originally it was released in 2006, but you can hear why Deep Elm would be so eager to re-release it. Carly Comando, yes that is her real name, has thoughtfully composed ten tracks that, despite being little more than sitting sitting a room playing the piano, actually pack a powerful punch. It's all the more "raw" and emotive, when you discover that the album has that title because it was literally recorded in one take. There are no production tricks: you can basically hear the piano reverberating off the walls. It's just her, her piano, and all of her ability. When listening to it, it feels like she is in the same room as you, playing just for you.

"One Take" isn't an exhibition of her piano-playing skills in the sense that it's quite simple... no, maybe that's an injust of me... it's not exuberant and over-the-top. Her compositions are carefully considered to convey their moods; "Peaceful" is peaceful"; "Summer" is minimalistic and drifts along as though basking in the sun, too relaxed to over-exert itself; "Interupt" is slightly volatile and sudden in temperament. You get the idea. In many respects, Carly is reminiscent of acts like Balmorhea. It's the perfect music to fall asleep to: it's not over-powering, or too thought-provoking, which is a good thing in this context. Instead, it allows your mind to wander along the path that Carly builds.

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For The Fans of: Balmorhea, Fabrizio Paterlini, The Album Leaf
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Release Date 07.07.2010
Deep Elm Records

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