The Holy Mess

Benefit Sesh EP

Written by: PP on 03/12/2010 02:04:18

Sometimes I share my fellow scribe TL's sentiments about reviewing EPs. Not because I don't like EPs, in fact I love the fact that they are a short-but-sweet introduction to a band, but because when you find something good you're left wanting more, as is the case with me and The Holy Mess. "Benefit Sesh", their sophomore EP as far as I can tell, only contains three songs, but it's enough to get me hooked, because their style is straight-forward, "beardcore" punk rock. That is, melodic, medium tempo Midwestern punk rock in the vein of Banner Pilot, Latterman and The Menzingers.

Like TL mentioned in his Banquets review, this style of punk rock rarely ever sounds bad because it's just that drenched in optimistic, happy melody and up-tempo pace which demands you to put on your dancing shoes. The riffs are have a melodic ring to them, and the vocalist sings in the usual raspy and gravelly roar as most of them do in this particular style of punk rock. No points for originality here, but there isn't a need for that either as "Benefit Sesh" is essentially a nine minute example of the good stuff in this genre. Just check out "A Soulful Punk Tune About A Working Class Dreamer" and you're well on your way of adding this genre to your favorites, as the melodic vocal explosion is very, very difficult to resist.


Download: A Soulful Punk Tune About A Working Class Dreamer
For the fans of: Banner Pilot, Latterman, The Menzingers, The Lawrence Arms
Listen: Myspace

Release date 15.06.2010
Weird Skull Records / Evil Weevil / Tuskeny Recordings

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