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Santa Fe EP

Written by: DR on 14/12/2010 23:38:26

Did you ever hear of the band Laguardia? No, me neither. Some of the former members of that band, after they broke up, created Eastern Conference Champions, along with former CKY bassist Vern Zaborwoski, although he left in 2009 to be replaced by Melissa Dougherty. The band got their name out 'there' a bit more by getting their song "A Million Miles An Hour" on the Twilight Eclipse soundtrack (I know, what's a Twilight, right?). At the time of this release they had one EP and one full-length, which was released via Suretone under the Universal Music Group. Shortly after, they left that label to go out on their own, and the initial result was "Santa Fe EP".

This EP feels like a self-released EP in the sense that it's rough, lo-fi and far from 'polished', just the way I like my indie. And if they are at all feeling hurt or disappointed with their split from the label, they don't show it with their mostly bright melodies and songs in general, resulting in a few infectious hooks. Opener "Common Sense" is the only track to defy this trend; it's not particularly dark, it's just noisy, like Kasabian have done before, especially in the vocals. "Bloody Bells" also ends up being noisy, but through flirtations with a crescendo; beforehand they take influence from 90s Brtish indie/pop/chart music. EP highlight "Sideways Walking" (where do I know this song from?!? Answers in the replies) is laid back, getting the listener moving through an intricate and cheery guitar melody, light hand claps and sweet vocals.

Eastern Conference Champions' biggest asset in terms of appeal is how they've taken influence from indie in North America, and indie in the UK, which results in a sound familiar to both markets (they've already got an obligatory mention in NME). They beat 400 bands to get their track on the Twilight soundtrack, so they must have something about them. If that doesn't convince you, I'm telling you that they do, so if you like indie from either side of the pond, with radio-appeal, listen to Eastern Conference Champions.


Download: Sideways Walking, Bloody Bells
For The Fans of: Kasabian, Summer People, NME-friendly indie
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Release Date Autumn/Fall 2009

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