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Beyond Cops, Beyond God

Written by: NM on 20/12/2010 22:36:12

Before I can give you any sort of credible feedback about the new one from WTC, it's essential that we explore the legacy of the "pig squeal." I mean, for me & my crew, pig squealing was something you heard about and laughed and then went on living your life not bothering to look back and think: could anything this retarded, pig squealing that is, actually be worthwhile? Well, since this is exactly what I did, there's not much I can say about it.

Apparently squealing is big enough to stir up a whole wildly twisted brew of bands that do it (i.e. Revolting Cocks, Job For A Cowboy, Flesh and Blood Robot...). I'm sure the main angle of bands like these is obscenity... a bubbling zit crater for society's freaks to fall into. But not as artfully executed as Manson or Slipknot, rather it's just plain gross. I'm reaffirmed when Revolting Cocks guitarist, Sin Quirn, explains in a Capitol Chaos 2009 tour interview that "Sex-O Mix-O," final track on the Cock's "Sex-O Olympic-O," remix of "Wizard of Sex Town" by Seismologist, is the best song to listen to while being anally penetrated! (My apologies to any snooping mother's that might be curiously skimming over what their kids are reading online these days).

So if we're to assume that it's all about being the most shamelessly atrocious, where does that leave Waking the Cadaver's "Beyond Cops, Beyond God?" Perhaps in a place not as sex-driven as the Revolting Cocks, but still as single-mindedly upsetting. Take for instance some lyrics from title track, "Beyond Cops": "Shooting innocent bystanders, not giving a fuck / It's my mission to take life, mugging citizens of their souls / My unholy ammo will go straight through their vests and right into their chests... / Chambers of hot lead straight to their heads... / I defy God, reloading my guns in the name of Satan." If there ever was a more appropriate soundtrack for what happened at Columbine, then we haven't heard it yet. It seems - as front man Don Campan squeals on "Boss Status", "organized to slaughter massive murder", and on "Made in Hell", "Inflicting pain into the masses... bullets flying in the flesh" - that "Beyond Cops, Beyond God" is one enormous, prolonged burp - anthemizing the idea of genocide.

I'm not sure it's particularly creative in theme or execution (soggy instrumental work). There's no versatility of sound, just monotone pig squeals throughout. I'm certain, at this point, that I myself could recreate this entire album as long as I learn how to gurgle a mouthful of mud. It's about as important as the mush that rests in the otherwise vacant skull of a zombie on a killing spree. So, as far as I can see, the only thing this album is good for is mindlessly headbanging your way into a coma. Perhaps what happened in New Jersey should have stayed in New Jersey

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Release date: 08.10.2010
Candlelight Records

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