Birds Of Prey

Written by: PP on 24/12/2010 06:44:02

It's a tradition that as the year is coming to close, the vast majority of our staff is slaving away relentlessly trying to finish their review queues to give January a fresh start on a clean plate. But with records like Alexis and "Birds Of Prey" blocking your path, it becomes a mammoth task because harvesting the desire to listen to such unoriginal and boring monstrosity is certain to remove any motivation of listening to new stuff instead of focusing on the old and good. Lets just say I'm not friends with heavy metal bands like Alexis because - and I know I'm sounding like a broken record in these reviews - they sound so god damn generic, and consequently, boring as hell.

There isn't an ounce of originality to be found within "Birds Of Prey". You have the big, colossal soundscape with a vibrato-wailing vocalist who sounds like a gazillion other clone vocalists mostly found in German bands, which is strange, because Alexis are actually from Chile. It baffles me that so many a band are perfectly contempt at shamelessly plagiarizing the sound of a bunch of 80s bands that, in all honesty, weren't very good to start out with. Sure, you can argue that Alexis has a few decent riffs and melodies scattered throughout, but anyone who has ever listened to power/heavy metal will have heard these same recycled ideas so many times by so many bands already that it simply doesn't matter anymore. Where is the desire to create, the will to invent, the urgent need to sound different? You cannot, and I repeat, CANNOT be as good as Judas Priest no matter how hard you try. You cannot beat Manowar at what they do. You won't be as good as Iced Earth either, because all of these styles have been beaten to death so hard that there's just no coming back. Not now, not ever. It's frankly pissing me off that I have to sit through approximately 40-50 albums a year that sound - literally - identical to "Birds Of Prey", so as of today, I've decided to start axing every single one of these releases with a heavy hand until I hear someone daring to try something different. Fellow reviewer-corpse, I invite you to join me in this crusade, let's force them to seek some originality within instead of allowing such generic bullshit as this.


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Release date 19.11.2010
Pitch Black Records

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