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In Grandomina... EP

Written by: TL on 30/12/2010 12:42:28

Okay so here's a late contender for 'Worst band name of the year'. How about them folks, the Fearless Vampire Killers, a London quintet who, much to my puzzlement, have packaged their promotional copy of their "In Grandomina..." EP with a 178 page pdf book called "Ruple & Evelyn". Can't say I've seen that before, and yet you readers will have to excuse me, because I haven't read the book, and hence it will not be included in my assessment of the release. You can cry all you want, but my reviewing schedule is down the drain as it is, and seeing as the music on "In Grandomina..." is hardly of the atmospheric soundtrack-type stuff anyway, my time simply is too short, and when you think about it, we review music here, not literature.

So yeah, what I'm saying is that I don't really think the music part here is meant to be unenjoyable unless one also reads the book, rather the contrary, it seems perfectly forthcoming in all it's goth-tinged pop-punkness. Essentially, FVK use elements and moods that have been explored before by the likes of AFI, Alkaline Trio and lately Aiden, and their dark, theatrical songs can likely trace heritage all the way back to the Misfits.

And by thinking of the Misfits, I also arrive at my main impression and gripe with this disc, namely that the record sounds rather old-fashioned (we're talking 70's-ish here), and I can't quite guess if it's on purpose of if it's just a consequence of the limited recording-abilities of this unsigned group of youngsters. Regardless, it adds weirdness to a concept that already seemed a bit silly and awkward to begin with and, well.. I can't say my world has been rocked by this EP.

There are catchy bits in tracks two and four, "Palace In Flames" and "Don Teriesto", but the remaining two songs and one interlude are rather unanymous, and the overall impression is a bit underwhelming. I'm not sure if the band is trying to have a throwback sound and I'm not sure how seriously I'm supposed to take the music, and if I simply kick back from those considerations and try to just appreciate the tunes casually, that doesn't quite work for me either. All I know is that something strange is going on here and that it makes FVK a very aquired taste.


Download: Palace In Flames, Don Teriesto
For The Fans Of: Aiden, My Chemical Romance, AFI, Alkaline Trio
Listen: myspace.com/wearefearlessvampirekillers

Release Date 06.12.2010

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