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Eyes & Nines

Written by: AP on 02/01/2011 13:34:41

For a band like Trash Talk, the show is the thing, while records are more like souvenirs or previews. As such, a record like "Eyes & Nines" must be understood in the correct context and listened to as if it were recorded at a basement show somewhere. It is an afterthought, kept purposefully raw and immediate so as to capture the omnidirectional contempt and livewire danger that governs a Trash Talk show.

The band plays dirty, fast hardcore without frills or clean edges; with no hint of the technical precision of Converge or the raucous sense of humor of Fucked Up. Deliberately messy guitars raggedly bleed into each other and every lyric is delivered in the same wracked, high pitched scream in brief, furious blasts Trash Talk like to call songs (ranging between 39 seconds and two-and-a-half minutes). It works as a full-immersion experience in the sense that listening to it is roughly equivalent to watching it live, its sludgy roar hitting hard on a visceral gut level. But besides shoveling remorseless rage at you, "Eyes & Nines" offers little on its own. "Explode" is the closest this album comes to delivering sing-along motifs, although passing out come its climax is an inevitable outcome should you attempt to keep pace with the voraciously barked vocals.

It should be no surprise, then, that the longevity of such an album, deliberately hamstrung in its reach across the hardcore spectrum, is very limited. But sometimes seventeen minutes of ferocious hardcore bangers with no sense of direction or purpose is what you need on your homebound commute to deal with your boss' frustrating condescension - and if imagining two karate dancers bashing his face will provide satisfaction, then "Eyes & Nines" provides the perfect soundtrack.


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For the fans of: Ceremony, Das Oath, Trap Them
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Release date 17.05.2010

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