Murder Construct

Murder Construct

Written by: PP on 11/01/2011 18:50:57

When members of bands like Cattle Decapitation, Intronaut, Phobia, Impaled and Exhumed get together in an extreme metal supergroup, the metalhead in you should probably be paying attention, if not outright waiting for the resulting monstrosity with mouth-watering excitement. Murder Construct, as they've decided to call themselves and their debut album, is not quite the groundbreaking, earth-shatteringly original release as you'd expect from this particular group of individuals, but there's no question regarding its basic quality within the genre it is a representative in: grindcore.

According to their Myspace, Murder Construct play "punishing deathgrind played with a homicidal intent", whatever that means. In practice, it translates to a very modern-sounding, exceptionally tight grindcore outfit that stands above a ton of genre-colleagues because of, believe it or not, catchy songwriting. Travis Ryan's (Cattle Decapitation) thick, but brutal growl comes to its own in "End Of An Error" and "Submission", where amidst chaotic instrumentation and grinding fretwork you'll find structure and logic within. This is also one of the key differences between Murder Construct and the majority of the genre: their songs are actually songs, not just 30-45 second examples of how to play as brutally and quickly as possible with indecipherable growling laid on top. Yes, these tracks hover between the two and three-minute mark, and are examples of how grindcore can and should be played. The execution is nearly flawless all around, with each member bringing a little bit of their main band to the mix. You can hear death metal sections in the vein of Cattle Decapitation, even atmospheric brutality in the vein of Intronaut, and much more throughout the record. Still, the biggest credit goes for Ryan's vocals which are excellent all around, as one is to expect given his output with his main band. Good, albeit unsurprising grindcore.


Download: End Of An Error, Submission
For the fans of: Phobia, Cattle Decapitation
Listen: Myspace

Release date 23.11.2010

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