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Written by: PP on 11/01/2011 19:15:56

When it comes gothic metal, I'm all for innovation and trying out new ideas because of how saturated the genre is today. No matter the genre, experimentation is almost always a positive thing, and gothic metal is no exception. Now, this is the starting point for Sin7Sins (stupid name) and their debut album "Perversion Ltd" (stupid title as well); I'll immediately award them an extra point or two for thinking outside the box in a genre where such an attitude is dearly required in order to lift its collective head above the water.

Not only are Sin7Sins crunchier and heavier than your average gothic metal band, integrating plenty of distortion and heavy riffing to give the record a solid oomph behind the male growled vocals, but they have also sparkled their sound with plenty of electronica elements through some creative use of varying keyboard/synth melodies. Sometimes these give the record an industrial tinge when combined with the big riffs, and elsewhere they add intriguing ambiance to create an almost rave-like rock atmosphere all around. This is decent. Not necessarily groundbreaking (Deadlock have been there already), but at least different and refreshing in comparison to most bands in the genre.

Now, that's about it when it comes to positive notions about "Perversion Ltd", or rather, the whole band. As happy as I am for the above, everything is ruined by a female vocalist, who is among the worst I've heard in any recorded music in the last few years. The woman from Lunacy Box has nothing on this girl, whose voice isn't just borderline annoying, it is so annoying I'd rather tear away my ears than have to listen to her whiny, off-tune, horrific attempts at high-pitch vocals. Her medium range is already bad enough, but when she reaches for those high ears bleed. It's like listening to someone torturing a cat, or being forced to listen to someone scrape their nails against a blackboard. She sounds like an off-tune version of Aqua, for god's sake! She has absolutely NO business being a singer with a voice like that, and it baffles me someone hasn't sat her down on a chair and said something along the lines of "honey, you better pick up an instrument and learn to play it, because you're not going anywhere as a vocalist in this industry even if I had Matthew Bellamy teach you for a few years straight".

Consequently, the whole album and its different take on gothic metal is ruined and forgotten, because I don't imagine there to be a soul who can bear with her vocals for more than just a couple of songs before feeling suicidal. The rest of the band is very competent, so they need to sit down in a serious meeting, whose outcome will be a "thank you but you're fired" note delivered to their main vocalist. Male growls fit this style much better, anyway.


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For the fans of: Lunacy Box, Deadlock, Shadowgarden, Katanga
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Release date 29.10.2010
Massacre Records

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