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Written by: PH on 15/08/2006 19:19:12

Body Count's newest effort "Murder 4 Hire" is now in stores. The Los Angeles based band created headlines all over the world with their single "Cop Killer" that they wrote as a response to the Riots in L.A. Since then, it has been (rather embarrasingly) quiet around Body Count. Several band members died and the two following albums weren't well received by the critics.

Body Count is by many considered one of the bands that inspired today's Nu-Metal bands.

The style can be defined as a mixture of Nu-Metal and Rapcore. The band consists of rapper Ice-T, and he really shouldn't have bothered to begin on his rap-thing. It contains some decent instrumental parts, but what is it about this Ice-T dude? He's completely ruining what could have been an average song and pulls it down to something that Linkin Park-lovers wouldn't even listen to. The guitar players Ernie C and Bendrix has got their relatively good moments here and there, but then Ice-T appears and ruins all potential of the song. A typical Body Count song like "D Rocs(RIP)" contains catchy guitar riffs and some sleepy random words from Ice-T that seem so unnescessary. Other songs are rather fast paced with Ice-T rapping the verses and yelling the chorus. It's so dreadful.

I really don't know how this band keeps living, since the two latest albums didn't sell very well, and this definately won't either. There are so few uplifting moments, and it is probably the worst record I have heard this year.


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Release Date 31.07.2006
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