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The Dillinger Escape Plan's 2004 effort Miss Machine saw the band move away from the hundred miles an hour technical metal towards an even more intricate, albeit slower, form of metal later labelled as math-metal or mathcore due to its implementation of riffs with almost mathematical precision. The sonically strong, stylistically groundbreaking mixture of extreme metal and hardcore didn't go unnoticed in the press, and the album was hailed as the album of the year by several renowned publications across the globe. The loss of their original vocalist Dimitri Minakakis and replacement by Greg Puciato was intially met with skepticism from the fans, but after hearing "Miss Machine" even the biggest critics of the choice were silenced as the band pounded their way through to as mainstream as an extreme band like them can go. Now, two years later, the band has released a DVD bearing the same name as their breakthrough album as a bonus for their dedicated and loyal fans revealing the process which lead into their breakthrough album.

"Miss Machine DVD" offers great insight onto how the album came about and how the band worked three years on the album through extensive interview footage of all members of the band (curiously filmed in an elevator). Greg is asked some tough questions on how he coped with the pressure of having to live up to the expectations and the entire band discusses why the album took three years to write and record giving intelligent and long answers to all questions.

The viewer will also discover why the band's liveshows are so hyped as the band destroys their way through "Panasonic Youth" and "Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants" among others. To accompany this, the band has added the videos of the two as well as "Unretrofied" together with an in-depth 'making of' of the latter where the band goofs around while designing the props to be included in the shot.

But does this recording really offer anything for others than the pure-fans? Considering it doesn't even feature all the songs from "Miss Machine" unless you bought the CD+DVD package, not really. This is purely meant as a bonus for the fans of the band, but even for those, watching the making of "Unretrofied" will have roughly the same effect as watching someone else's holiday photos. But don't be shunned away, the detailed interview of the band members is both funny, interesting and intelligent at the same time, and confirms what the album's sound already indicated: we're dealing with an incredibly intelligent bunch here. A good watch, but wouldn't see it again.


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