All American Nightmare

Written by: PP on 20/01/2011 16:50:19

A poor man's Nickelback. That's how I described Hinder in my review of their previous album "Take It To The Limit", an accurate depiction of what's happening throughout that album. Two years later, Hinder are ready with their third mainstream hard rock outing, namely "All American Nightmare", and they pick off exactly where they left off, with some minor modifications to their sound.

For starters, a couple of songs on the album are much heavier than we're used to hearing from Hinder. Crunchy and heavy-on-distortion, some tracks attempt to break out of the generic hard rock mold people have been lumping this band in throughout their existence. Remaining songs, however, stick to the extremely formulaic, simplistic verse/chorus/verse songwriting approach, except without the flair and instantly memorable choruses like Nickelback. I made a valid point in my last Hinder review about the band being oh-so-close to writing a radio megahit but lacking the final push to do so. That also applies on "All American Nightmare", as a number of tracks are moderately catchy, these being the obvious singles of course, but yet they just come across as Nickelback b-sides, or rather, the filler tracks from Nickelback albums that don't make up the singles-core.

It all sounds very, very American. Big, anthemic choruses and stadium-size riffs designed with marketing campaigns in mind, likely to bat a home run with mostly people living in the southern states. This is all well and good if you're just looking for inoffensive background music, but for anything else, Hinder is just not a suitable option.


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Release date 07.12.2010
Universal Republic

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