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Fisherking is a hardcore punk band from Lansing, Michigan, who released a new EP called "Forget It" late last year. Not according to the Myspace link in our writer's forum for incoming promotional copies, however, which links to a quiet indie rock band sharing the same name. Long story short, this release got passed around quite a bit in our staff before it reached its rightful home, the desk of the dedicated punk and hardcore writer at this magazine. You gotta wait for the good stuff, you know?

Anyhow, "Forget It" EP is a record that will appeal to fans of Comeback Kid and especially Bane, given how Fisherking's entire expression seems to be based on Bane's seminal output. The vocals are yelled cleanly, but with aggression, on top of riffs that borrow equally from hardcore as they do from punk rock. True hardcore punk, one would say, and you'd be absolutely right. Fisherking play the genre faithfully wearing their influences proudly on their respective sleeves. Still, try listening to a Bane record right before/after listening to this EP, and the quality difference is just vast. There's no doubt Fisherking are angry, pissed off and believe in the stuff they are playing/shouting about, but for some reason I just can't feel the same passion and drive for hardcore as with Bane, or I can, but it simply doesn't pour over excessively in the same way. That's a shame, because the basic ingredients on the EP are in order.

For their next release, one of two things needs to happen: either the band have to abandon the slightly monotone yelling style in favour of a catchier and more melodic approach (see Capital or Sinking Ships for inspiration), or they have to find a way to make the listener feel like he's standing at a Fisherking show where people are flying in every direction. A difficult task to transform a live setting to a studio album, sure, but the ability to do that separates the great bands from the decent and average ones in hardcore.


Download: Searching For Something New
For the fans of: Bane
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Release date 05.11.2010

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