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When I picked up "Belvedere" by Caravela, as a free download off the rather obscure band's bandcamp some six months ago, I initially just meant to check it out, not necessarily review it. After a while, I decided not to, simply because I was busy and the release was so low-profile. Then last month I was reviewing And I Was Like, What?, thinking about similarities between that band and Caravela, and upon relistening to "On The Belvedere" I decided that it was actually too good to not tell you about, so here goes a review anyway:

On this five-track debut EP, the three-piece band employs a style of indie/folk/pop/rock (quite a mouthful, I know) that is very hard to compare to a great many other bands. I would say that they sound like And I Was Like, What? - only with cleaner vocals - but then what are the chances you people even know that band? I would liken them to fun., due to the classy usage of a rather folky violin, but then the band seems so much more about easy sincerity than about fun.-type, cheeky theatrics.

I think this is one of these rare cases where my best bet is to just implore you to press play on the player below, and decide for yourself. More so because what really catches my ear about Caravela is how these five songs of theirs possess that elusive quality of just jumping straight out of your speakers and into your head almost immediately. It's not really poppy in the modern sense of the word, nor does it feel shallow or formulaic, it's just really dynamic and well-composed music that it's almost impossible not to enjoy.

The biggest hurdle for Caravela may just be the fact that it's so hard to put in words what's so likeable about them, but so long as their material welcomes the listener back so warmly on each repeat listen, I think it's one that may be cleared quite consistently. And if this also holds true for the LP the band is alledgedly working on, then I'm starting to think that it could be one to really look forward to here in 2011:


Download: On The Belvedere, The Projector, The War
For The Fans Of: And I Was Like, What?; Dear & The Headlights; fun.

Release Date 01.08.2010

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