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Written by: PP on 28/01/2011 02:35:47

More Danish rock/metal your way comes. The next victim is a young Copenhagen outfit called Electric Hellride, whom I was introduced to a couple of years back at the excellent new bands showcase "12 bands (in) 12 hours". They didn't impress me much back then, but they've improved a boatload just in time for their recording sessions of their sophomore EP "Charged", a record that draws heavily from the groove metal of bands like Pantera, Down, Lamb Of God and Soulfly, without specifically sounding like any of them in the process. Well, maybe quite a bit like Down, but who cares.

Basically, what you get is an extremely rowdy, metallic groove-rock record with hints of stoner and thrash metal in the mix. Groove is the central element used throughout the record, and the band aren't afraid to show it. From the first track, Electric Hellride explode into their sound with monumental amounts of confidence, shoving their heavy guitar groove in the face of the listener. It's loud, unrelenting, and very macho, a sound that demands instant attention due to its immediate aggression and pushiness that just doesn't leave you alone. I like that, no doubt a result from spending some quality studio time with producer Jacob Bredahl in connection with this release.

But despite a strong, imposing sound, Electric Hellride still have one major hurdle left to tackle before they reach higher ratings: identity. The songs lack character, that small detail that makes these Electric Hellride songs instead of tracks merely influenced by the likes of Down. The vocals need a bit of work too, they're a bit too raw and inconsistent on this recording, but maybe that'll improve with time. Overall, "Charged" is a fine foundation to build on, even if it isn't a fantastic record just yet.


Download: Obsessive Aggression
For the fans of: Pantera, Soulfly, Lamb Of God, Down
Listen: Myspace

Release date 12.11.2010

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