A God's Lie

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I'm guessing that the Indian metal scene is rather tightly wound up together considering how quickly my inbox flooded with promotional copies from metal bands in the country after my review of symphonic black metallers Demonic Resurrection a little over a month ago. Not that I mind, hearing oriental and exotic bands has always been one of the most interesting parts about this job, albeit often a disappointing one, given the all-too-common tendency of such bands to opt for a standard, generic, heavyweight inspired sound instead of following the culturally inspired route of bands like middle eastern metallers Bilocated and others.

To get to the point: Devoid is a thrash metal band from India who released a new album called "A God's Lie" a few months back. Other than the screamed vocals, the affair is a rather standard one within thrash metal, with the exception that it often spills over to metalcore-esque riffing (or At The Gates inspired at the very least). Metalcore's fine in my books, and the solos are clearly Slayer-influenced, so no harm done there. The intensity and aggression levels are top-notch throughout as well, but originality is in heavy need in order for Devoid to truly make a name for themselves. The key vital to know about thrash metal is that it's not too difficult to do a decent job by throwing in slaying riffs and slick solos, but yet it's extremely difficult to produce an album in this modern era that'll properly turn heads and make people go "oh wow, that band is AWESOME". Case in point: "A God's Lie".

Now, given the saturation in a genre like thrash metal, Devoid indeed do come across as slightly typical and, for the lack of a better expression, generic. One solution could be to try to incorporate some of their cultural upbringing to their thrash metal sound if for nothing else than to sound different from their dime-a-dozen American (and European) peers. Though it might sound like a cheap shot on paper to proceed in that direction, for us Western metal fans it'll be a breeze of fresh air, one sure to make us pay attention, and definitely an approach that'd make Devoid's sound stick out a little and add that extra bit of flair that's currently missing from an otherwise decent thrash sound.


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Release date 26.09.2010
Demonstealer Records

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