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Written by: TL on 17/02/2011 00:52:29

Because I'm such an awesome beacon of professionalism, I deciced to read the promotional material that came with Into It. Over It's two recent split EP, only after I had reviewed the first of them. Had I done the right thing, and read it in advance, I could have mentioned already in that review, that the EP's are actually part of Evan Weiss' - the man behind Into It. Over It. - new project called "12 Towns", but then I wouldn't have had anything to write about in this introduction. Anyway, considering this man's debut album was called "52 Weeks" and featured 52 songs, it shouldn't be too hard for you to figure out the big idea of this new endeavour.

So anyway, "Brenham, TX" and "Buffalo, NY" appeared on the previous split with Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), and on this second one featuring Pswingset, "Cambridge, Ma", and "Orlando, Fl" open proceedings on behalf of Into It. Over It. The first song has me reaching for the same description I've given the band before - "sounds like a low-fi Death Cab For Cutie or an even more chilled Paper The Operator" - and is essentially more of the same, so if you liked the previous material, you'll like this.

"Orlando, Fl" on the other hand, is somewhat different, bring abrupt and angular, math-ish riffage to the table, and for once spanning a lenght of more than just a couple of minutes. It's still characteristically unimposing for Into It. Over It, but the mere fact that the song changes noticeably over the course of its length is a delight to me, and gives me hope that Mr. Weiss might start occasionally recording more than just the curious little doodle of a song here and there.

Meanwhile, pswingset fill their half of this seven-inch with the kind of nineties-loving indie/emo, that's managed to stay so indie that if I dared to name some comparisons, I would likely just be laughed out of town by the first hobo-dressing hipster to come across this review.. So let's just say their sound is rather typical for a Count Your Lucky Stars band, and that though there are noticeable differences between them and the last band Into It. Over It shared vinyl with, I still think people who enjoy the likes of Mineral and Joie De Vivre, will find something to like here as well. Maybe throw in a hint of Helen Earth Band?

Anyway, what's a problem for me not only on this disc, but on all of the Into It. Over It material and most of the Count Your Lucky Stars music I've heard, is that I can't quite decide if I think the stuff is cool or boring. I get the feeling that I'll remember the sounds of both bands, but none of the individual songs. What nags me is that the whole aesthetic seems so intentionally introverted and under-the-radar that I can't help but to think of the exaggerated attributes people speak of when they make fun of indie music. You know, be as retro, as underground and as unfriendly to new listeners as possible, and be sure to stay 'raw' and 'authentic'. Now I guess if you love you some indie because of those exact 'qualities' then this kind of release is exactly your cup of tea, but my personal feelings remain somewhat ambivalent.

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For The Fans Of: Paper The Operator, Death Cab For Cutie, Mineral, Helen Earth Band

Release Date 09.01.2011

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