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Written by: TL on 17/02/2011 17:32:29

Okay so here's a cool concept: The reason the three guys in The End Of American has titled their band as such, is that their objective is to separate themselves from the buzz of society, journeying to remote locations of America, in order to record music. Hence these dudes drove up to the mountains, canoed their stuff across a lake, and holed up in a cabin for a week to record their nine-track album in live, unedited takes on "a battery-powered recorder the size of a hardcover book with 2 mic inputs".

Reading this, now would be a good time for bands complaining that it's oh so hard to do a proper DIY recording, to shut up and look in the mirror. Okay, so these guys have it easier through using acoustic instruments exclusively, but still, considering how good this sounds, it's fair to say some of the whiners our there aren't doing their homework.

Given what I've already written, you should've predicted by now that this record lies stylistically within the domain of alternative country, and that it pretty much exclusively features guitars, banjos and I think also maybe shakers? I matters little though, because through use of those and a solid doze of vocal harmonies, TEOA manage to produce songs that are at the same time soulful and catchy.

Hence the record flies by rather quickly, partly because only four of the tracks exceed three minutes in length, and party because it's nowhere near dull enough to feel like dragging on. Songs like "Running", "Fiona Grace" and "The Hardest Thing" highlight the brief experience, and provide good listens for fans of the likes of Caravela, Ryan Adams and Nathan Xander.

Overall, this band's chosen setup pretty much guarantees them an expression of authenticity, and that is not a buzz-word these days for no reason. That's not as much something to credit them for however, as is that they manage to catch your attention with a minimalist recording and musical elements you'll likely have heard a million times before. So please The End Of America, send us another album, preferably with a bit more material, maybe showing a bit more of your sound's width, and then I'll nest you guys solidly in the higher marks.

Download: Running, Fiona Grace, The Hardest Thing
For The Fans Of: Caravela, Ryan Adams, Nathan Xander

Release Date 26.10.2010

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