Million Dollar Reload

Anthems Of A Degeneration

Written by: TL on 22/02/2011 19:50:49

Despite our normally fool-proof way of doing things here at, it does some times happen that promos arrive in our mailbox, that manage to intrigue no writer at all, and while these mostly get picked up by anyone having some spare time, some unfortunate few fall between the lines and end up waiting for their reviews for ages.

One such unlucky record is "Anthems Of A Degeneration", by Belfast-based Million Dollar Reload. I'll leave it open to speculation whether their choice of bandname and title had anything to do with them causing no interest, and move on quite quickly to tell you people what they sound like. Basically the genre is classic/hard rock, quite likely AC/DC inspired, and except for a token ballad, this is pretty much exclusively chord-based riffage, pseudo-ballsy solos and four-to-floor type beats. You think the singer does the typical scratched rock'n'roll voice as well? You bet he does!

The success rate of MDR's attempts to rock on this record, I guess depends on what you're looking for. A fan would say they render the style faithfully. A critic would say they bring absolutely nothing of novelty to the table. Personally, I stand with the critics, as I tend to think that bands need to at least re-interpret a style a little bit, otherwise they might as well play covers. To my ear, "Anthems Of A Degeneration" is a pointless attempt at eating the crumbs from the tables of AC/DC and Airbourne, with little to offer either musically or lyrically.

So yeah, if you like your music straight as an arrow, flat as a pancake, and sounding as much as possible as bands you've already heard, then I apologize for delaying in telling you about Million Dollar Reload. If that description doesn't fit you though, then there's nothing to see here, move along.


Download: Goodnight New York, The Last Icon
For The Fans Of: Airbourne, AC/DC, Star*Rats, Buckcherry

Release Date 18.10.2010

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