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Lord Of Woe EP

Written by: PP on 05/03/2011 05:10:21

Make Them Suffer consists of five dudes from Perth, Australia playing symphonic death/black metal with a distinctly modern 'scene' flavor to the music overall. "Lord Of Woe" EP is their debut international release, and here's why you should care about it amidst a gazillion similar-sounding bands in the genre.

One, Make Them Suffer are extremely good at what they do. This isn't another half-assed, generic black metal onslaught with dramatic synths laid on top. The soundscape is definitely contrived by definition, but that doesn't matter because it's an intensely busy and intricate one with a ton of solid elements in it. Crazy synths, breakneck speed riffing and tapped melodeath melodies meet in perfect synergy with haunted atmospheres and brutal double pedal domination from the drum department. It's enough to overwhelm the casual listener, but if you're at all into anything symphonic, brutal, and scene-sounding (think The Black Dahlia Murder here), it doesn't come much better than Make Them Suffer.

Two, this band isn't content just sticking to one genre and playing it by the books. While symphonic black metal is the dominant style in play, death metal (both melodic and non-melodic) appears in good quantity. But what's most interesting is how the band incorporates textbook deathcore into the mix seamlessly without breaking the flow of the songs. The chug-chug breakdown is embedded into the sound so well to the point that I'm willing to dub "Lord Of Woe" as symphonic deathcore - not exactly an ordinary tag attached to a band even in 2011.

And this is where Make Them Suffer's very strength lies. They clearly have very different tastes in music, but instead of letting that interrupt the creative flow, they use it to their advantage by taking in the best of each style. That's why the low-end growling / high pitch screaming dynamic fits in so well despite the symphonic black metal background, and why the one-chord breakdowns don't bother the listener as much as they do on so many other similar releases. So to sum it up, "Lord Of Woe" is a release with a wealth of originality as well as pure skill in the genres that it represents, and should be picked up by all deathcore, symphonic black metal and death metal fans when it lands in European shores later this month.


Download: Summoning Storms
For the fans of: The Black Dahlia Murder, The Acacia Strain, Whitechapel,
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Release date 28.03.2011

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